About us


"Freedom of Speech – Freedom of Image" is a civic initiative that came into existence in 2010 as a need to create unrestricted, free speech area. The area  that after 20 years of democracy and 20 years since official regaining freedom from Soviet, communistic domination is becoming confined again.  The most typical example of that process has become limitation of information or even manipulation about the investigation concerning the 10th April plane crash (that occurred in Smolensk in Russia) in which Polish president died.


Despite the opinion of majority of Poles and in spite of the lack of legal qualifications, the current Polish government allowed Russian to lead the investigation exclusively, which was demeaning ad degrading for Polish nation.


Severe restrictions of freedom are evident, especially when we look at some movies about Smolensk. The publication of films like “The Fog” created by Maria Dłużewska and Joanna Lichocka or “The Letter from Poland” by Mariusz Pilis is not allowed in mainstream and official media which would be unthinkable in a truly democratic reality.


Those limitations in access to information have resulted in creating wide, civic movement for the protection of basic civil rights. This is all happening because the government does not provide Polish citizens with safety in this area.


From this citizen’s discontent the idea of fighting for freedom of speech, meeting and organizing people (so they could pass each other information available rather in virtual reality than in the official announcements) has been born. This is also how the concept of creating “The Freedom of Speech – The Freedom of Image” has come into existence. One of the tasks project’s task, apart from telling our citizens the truth, is revealing and discovering lies about Polish reality (both the contemporary and the historical one) which are very popular and common not only in Europe but also in the whole world.


Gross’s ‘literature’ or worldwide publications concerning “Polish death camps” or “Polish concentration camps” (which in fact were built by German invaders to kill not only Jews but also Poles) are one of many examples of those lies. Another untruth is Katyń – ‘genocide’ conducted by Soviet Russia on Poles during World War II.


Furthermore, through our project, we would like to familiarize foreigners with Polish heritage, with our culture, tradition and customs, which date back as far as to Middle Ages.


Our undertaking, based on civil movement and voluntary work, is a very positive project as it is created by regular people who are not members of any organization. The undertaking has been created as an answer to phrase “The Free Speech Zone” which proves a strong demand of taking up this kind of activity in Poland. The phrase, announced and promoted by independent weekly “Gazeta Polska”, led to creating dozens of civil initiatives.


The initiative ’Freedom of Speech – Freedom of Image’ has been the result of creating website: www.freedom-speech-image.eu, and bringing into being non-governmental organisation named ’Ronald Regan Freedom of Speech – Freedom of Image’. We are deeply convinced that everyone who is concerned about freedom will join our public venture in every possible way by visiting our website and cooperating with us.