Dr Elżbieta Morawiec


(born on 5th October 1940 in Będzin) – Polish theatrical and literary critic as well as commentator and translator. She a graduate of the Jagiellonian University (1965). In 1982, she defended her doctoral thesis at the Catholic University of Lublin. Between 1959-1964, she was a member of the Polish Students’ Association and between 1975-1980 she was a member of the Polish Journalists’ Association. At present, she is a member of the Polish Writers’ Association and a chapter member of  the Józef Mackiewicz Literary Award. Currently, she is one of the editors of ‘Arcana’, she also writes to ‘Didaskalia’,  ’Teatr’, ‘Dialog’, ‘Kultura’, ‘Odra’, ‘Théâtre en Pologne’, ‘Życie Literackie’, ‘Gazeta Polska’ and ‘Naszy Dziennik’.


She started her professional career in 1964 as a teacher of Polish in a secondary school in Morąg, and between 1965-1978 she was employed in ‘Życie Literackie’ (as an editor in the theatrical section, and from 1974 to 1981 as an editor and a critic). In 1966, she debuted as a writer in biweekly ‘Teatr’. Between 1970-1990, she held the position of a literary manager in the following theatres: Teatr Polski in Wrocław, Teatr Stary in Cracow, Teatr Studio in Warsaw and Teatr Ósmego Dnia in Poznań.


Since August 1980, she has been involved in the ‘Solidarność’ social movement and has been its member till present. In 1980s, she was interrogated and persuaded to sign a loyalty oath which she refused to do with full awareness. Since 1982, she was actively animating an independent cultural movement in Cracow; she organised independent theatrical performances, among others , in the Carmelite Church in Cracow and St. Joseph’s Church in Podgórze. In 1983, she co-founded independent ‘Miesięcznik Małopolski’ magazine. She has cooperated with ‘Kultura Niezależna’, ‘bruLion’, ‘Świat’. Till 1989, she was engaged in the distribution of independent magazines, such as:  ‘Miesięcznik Małopolski’, ‘BiuletynMałopolski’ and ‘Świat’. She has also cooperated with ‘Arka’.


In 1989, she belonged to a select group of ‘Solidarność’ people who were preparing the parliamentary elections, and in 1990 she was elected a councillor of Cracow from the ‘Solidarność’ list.



Published books:

‘Józef Szajna’ (co-authored with J. Madeyski) (Cracow 1974), ‘Mitologie i przeceny’ (Warsaw 1982), ‘Powidoki teatru’ (Cracow 1991), ‘Seans pamięci’ (Cracow 1996) and ‘Jerzy Grzegorzewski – mistrz światła i wizji’ (Cracow 2006).