• Mystery of the Satellite Photos from Smolensk

    2013-03-05 11:00


    Portal: Niezalezna.pl

    11-15-2012 10:36 P.M.

    [Translated by Marzena Pliżga]


    Why and by whose order were satellites positioned over the Smolensk catastrophe location? Would it have been of interest to someone had the satellite photographs from Smolensk not revealed the whole truth? 31 months after the catastrophe there are still more questions than answers regarding the satellite photos.



  • The 1st of September, 2011 in Krakow-Bielany Cemetery Ceremony of the second funeral for the late MP Zbigniew Wassermann.

    2011-12-11 18:38

    [Translation by Beata Wołoszyn]

    On the 1st of September, 2011, the anniversary of the outbreak of World War II, a second funeral for the late MP Zbigniew Wassermann took place. A few days earlier, on Monday, August 29th, Wassermann’s body had been exhumed, much to the general public’s surprise, in order to perform a detailed autopsy. This decision seems unusual, given that the family’s initial appeals for an autopsy had been repeatedly denied for many months. The timing is also unexpected, as the public prosecutor’s office had to obtain special permission from the Sanitation Department so as to be able to carry out this procedure well past the official period in which exhumations may take place.

  • EU wants to censor bad news

    2011-11-01 15:20


    Krzysztof Zielke

    Gazeta Polska Codziennie/Freedom of Speech Freedom of Image

    [Translation by – Agata Czarniak]


    As we read in Gazeta Polska Codziennie:

    In a confident report which has been recently revealed by Financial Times Deutschland, one of the European commissars proposed a temporary ban for publications regarding ratings of the EU countries.  The censorship would be introduced if such a publication had negative consequences for the financial stability of either a particular state or a global economy. The EU believes that publishing the evaluation of financial credibility is irresponsible and it will only accelerate the debt spiral.


  • Polish version of Watergate?

    2011-09-09 08:08


    WSWO [=Freedom of Word,Freedom of Image]

    from the Polish Newspaper articles


    [Translation by – Zofia Rudnicka-Małek]


    "Is it the beginning of the Polish Watergate affair, that will shake up the Polish political scene?" The Polish Newspaper got secret documents of ABW [=the Agency of Internal Security] being evidence that the President Lech Kaczynski was kept under surveillance. On the 25th of October 2008 at 23:02 his data were included in the secret Base of the Ani-terrorist Operation Knowledge Centre ABW. It was done by a person using an ID card of 9200167 number. It meant that since that time on there could have been used all means of surveillance against the head of state, the tapping included. [info.- "An Independent.pl" 2011-08-30,14:45].


  • Polish cosa nostra

    2011-08-26 11:46


    Elżbieta Morawiec

    Polish Sociology Web Portal - an original text


    WSWO 16/08/2011

    [Translation by – Zofia Rudnicka-Małek]


    “Strange things are happening behind the facade of “Poland being built” made out of paradise views,”a green island.” More and more this that is behind the facade resembles the story of another blissful island, Sicily and its omnipotent owners under the banner of Cosa Nostra and Toto Rino”- the author of the article is writing.

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