• The only thing that supports the credibility of the report is general Anodina's word of honor

    2011-07-19 15:28



    [Translated by - Katarzyna Dziemian]


    “This report could have been written for Stalin. The only reason for Russians to humiliate Gen. Błasik was to disgrace Poland,” says Prof. Andrzej Nowak commenting on the Russian report on the Kaczyński plane crash for ARCANA. Do Minister Bogdan Klich and President Bronisław Komorowski fulfil their basic duties of defending the honour of Polish officers and of Poland?

  • I saw how Russian soldiers eliminated those people

    2011-05-16 15:51


    Gazeta Polska Nr 12; 22/03/2011

    [Interview with Mariusz Pilis]

    [Translated by – Agata Czarniak]


    ‘Vladimir Bukovsky told me that Polish government had decided to conciliate with Russia on the basis of Wajda’s movie and a few handshakes, let alone it had sold the case of Katyn and Smolensk’ – says Mariusz Pilis, the director of a movie ‘The Letter from Poland.