mgr Michał Soska


(born on 7th October, 1982 in Katowice), Polish political scientist, teacher and translator of German, a PhD candidate at the Faculty of Social Studies, Gdańsk University. The author of articles published in ‘Słowo Młodych. Biuletyn Stowarzyszenia Arcana Historii’, and a commentator in the ‘Myśl Polska’ and ‘Nasza Polska’ biweeklies. The laureate of the Third Prize by the President of the City of Gdańsk for his M.A. thesis on the subjects related to Gdańsk.


Between1986-1998, he lived in Germany where he attended the German and Polish school by the Consulate General of Poland in Cologne. Since 1998, he has resided in Wisła. He has been involved in the social and patriotic activities ever since he came back to Poland. Between 1980-1999, he was a scout in the 3 DSK Twelfth Senior Scout Pack in Cieszyn (in 1998 he took part in the Thirtieth Nationwide Senior Scout Night Game ‘Cichociemni’); between 1998-1999, he was a leader of the ‘Pokolenie 80’ (‘Generation 80’) youth organisation in the area of Cieszyn Sielsia, operating by the Confederation of Independent Poland. In 1999, he published his first texts in ‘Konfederat Śląska Cieszyńskiego’ and the local supplement to ‘Dziennik Zachodni’ in Cieszyn.


He is an MA graduate of political sciences (2007) and German philology (2009), Gdańsk University. In 2007, he started his doctoral courses in the field of political sciences at the Faculty of Social Sciences, Gdańsk University. Between 2008-2009, he was working on the documentation of the Social Committee for the Erection of the Monument to the Fallen Shipyard Workers of 1970 (‘Pomnik Poległych Stoczniowców 1970’) in Gdańsk concerning the erection and unveiling in 1980 the ‘Three Crosses’ monument at the Gdańsk Shipyard Gate. Since 2005, he has been publishing his commentaries in the ‘Myśl Polska’ weekly, and since 2009 in the ‘Nasza Polska’ weekly. Since 2008, he has been publishing scientific articles in ‘Słowo Młodych. Biuletyn Stowarzyszenia Arcana Historii’.


Privately, he is an enthusiast of the Russian culture and has made numerous trips over the former Soviet countries, especially to Russia, Ukraine, Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia.



The author of a hundred or so commentaries in such weeklies as: ‘Myśl Polska’ and ‘Nasza Polska’, concerning, in the majority of cases, the contemporary international relations, including the current situation in Russia following the collapse of the Soviet Union, civilisation and political problems in Germany following the reunion as well as Poland’s relationships with its closest neighbours and Russia’s relationships with Ukraine. Moreover, his publications include several travelogues on his journeys across Russia, Ukraine, Germany and Poland. He has also written numerous scientific articles published in ‘Słowo Młodych. Biuletyn Stowarzyszenia Arcana Historii’, concerning the nationalistic and imperialistic ideology in Russia, the history of the town of Wisła as well as the historical remembrance in the People’s Republic of Poland and the Third Republic of Poland. Several of his texts have been included in the book by J. Engelgard and A. Wielomęski (editor) entitled ‘Lech Kaczyński w Tbilisi’, Warsaw 2008.


Published books:

Za Świętą Ruś. Współczesny nacjonalizm rosyjski – zarys ideologii, Warsaw 2009;

Pamięć o ofiarach Grudnia 1970. Na wieczną rzeczy pamięć…, Wrocław 2010.



The First Prize by the Vice-Chancellor of Gdańsk University for excellent academic results, 2005/2006;

The Prize by the President of the City of Gdańsk ‘Gdańska Nagroda Samorządowa’ (third rank), 2010.