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  • The presidency marked with the Apocalypse

    2011-09-30 08:55


    Grace Wood

    WSWO 26/09/2011 [=Freedom of Word, Freedom of Image]


    [Translation by – Zofia Rudnicka-Małek]


    In front of the office of the President of the Council of Ministers in a country that assumed the presidency of UE in protest against the government of that country a man sets fire to himself and he is not from the opposition of that government.   more>>


  • Polish version of Watergate?

    2011-09-09 08:11


    WSWO [=Freedom of Word,Freedom of Image]

    from the Polish Newspaper articles


    [Translation by – Zofia Rudnicka-Małek]


    "Is it the beginning of the Polish Watergate affair, that will shake up the Polish political scene?" The Polish Newspaper got secret documents of ABW [=the Agency of Internal Security] being evidence that the President Lech Kaczynski was kept under surveillance. On the 25th of October 2008 at 23:02 his data were included in the secret Base of the Ani-terrorist Operation Knowledge Centre ABW. It was done by a person using an ID card of 9200167 number. It meant that since that time on there could have been used all means of surveillance against the head of state, the tapping included. [info.- "An Independent.pl" 2011-08-30,14:45]. more>>


  • Polish cosa nostra

    2011-08-26 11:49


    Elżbieta Morawiec

    Polish Sociology Web Portal - an original text


    WSWO 16/08/2011

    [Translation by – Zofia Rudnicka-Małek]


    “Strange things are happening behind the facade of “Poland being built” made out of paradise views,”a green island.” More and more this that is behind the facade resembles the story of another blissful island, Sicily and its omnipotent owners under the banner of Cosa Nostra and Toto Rino”- the author of the article is writing.   more>>

  • Russia - the main responsible one for the catastrophe - "the White Book"

    2011-07-28 13:29


    The web portal

    Law and Justice

    29.06.2011/ 30.06.2011

    [Translation by – Zofia Rudnicka-Małek]


    The responsibility for the Smolensk catastrophe falls most of all on Russia - it emerges from "the white book" presented by PiS (= Law and Justice) from the works of the parliamentary group led by Antoni Macierewicz investigating the causes of the catastrophe.   more>>

  • English version of the comments made by the Republic of Poland on the IAC Report on our website

    2011-06-18 15:46

    We are the first to present an English version of over 140 pages of the comments made by the Republic of Poland on the IAC Report – the so-called Comments of the Republic of Poland on the Final draft Report prepared by the Interstate Aviation Committee IAC -  see more here>>