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  • Mystery of the Satellite Photos from Smolensk

    2013-03-05 11:04


    Portal: Niezalezna.pl

    11-15-2012 10:36 P.M.

    [Translated by Marzena Pliżga]


    Why and by whose order were satellites positioned over the Smolensk catastrophe location? Would it have been of interest to someone had the satellite photographs from Smolensk not revealed the whole truth? 31 months after the catastrophe there are still more questions than answers regarding the satellite photos.   more>>



  • Victor Orban’s naked truth

    2012-02-08 10:01


    Jolanta Łaszczyk

    WSWO 22/01/2012

    [Translation by – Agata Czarniak]


    Jan Pospieszalski, a Polish reporter, has been rebellious again. Only recently was he thrown out of the public television and defended by numerous protests of his viewers, so he could go to Victor Orban - one of the most brutally attacked by Brussels politicians – to conduct an interview with him. He had decided to so as his Polish compatriots have little chance of finding out the truth about Hungarian leader - it is hardly possible due to the European narration concerning the situation in Hungary. But why exactly did Orban get into the European officials’ black books?   more>>


  • The Fall of the New Internationalism

    2012-01-25 13:37


    Tomasz Sakiewicz


    Gazeta Polska No 46; 16/11/2011

    [Translated by BBS]


    There is something that links the incident of November 11th (2011 in Warsaw) and the EU crisis. The experiment with the elimination of nations, as subjects of Europe, is coming to an end. Such an experiment has been carried out by successive empires and revolutionary movements every now and again. Some people wish to have national aspirations eliminated thus making the nations control easier; others want to introduce their internationalist ideas – social  engineering – halted by the existence of strong nations. The Soviet Union was a combination of two ideas: Russian imperialism and communist internationalism. At the end the nationalistic imperialism won and it resulted in a conflict with communist China, where the imperial view at the world dominated as well.   more>>


  • EU wants to censor bad news

    2011-11-01 15:22


    Krzysztof Zielke

    Gazeta Polska Codziennie/Freedom of Speech Freedom of Image

    [Translation by – Agata Czarniak]


    As we read in Gazeta Polska Codziennie:

    In a confident report which has been recently revealed by Financial Times Deutschland, one of the European commissars proposed a temporary ban for publications regarding ratings of the EU countries.  The censorship would be introduced if such a publication had negative consequences for the financial stability of either a particular state or a global economy. The EU believes that publishing the evaluation of financial credibility is irresponsible and it will only accelerate the debt spiral. more>>


  • New Poland

    2011-10-27 16:44


    Zdzisław Krasnodębski

    Gazeta Polska Codziennie  17/10/2011

    [Translation by – Agata Czarniak]


    Professor Zdzisław Krasnodębski is a Polish sociologist and a philosopher. Although he is an academic at Bremen University, he stays abreast of the current situation in Poland. He publishes his articles and comments in both Polish and foreign press. He firmly talks on the issues of his native country and he is deeply concerned about his motherland. In this article not only he confirms this concern, but also makes a link between this text and his latest book called ‘The Biggest Miracle We Can Get’. By reminding the mission of John Paul II, he is appealed in it to his Polish compatriots in 2011 by saying - ‘The Spirit has already done his job. Now it is our turn’.   more>>



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